Yizumi-HPM’s “End of Year Stock Machine Sale”

Yizumi-HPM has just announced their “End of Year Stock Machine Sale”.  This sale is for the attached list of machines that are currently in-stock and must be delivered before December 31st 2018 to take advantage of this pricing. In addition to the pricing, Yizumi-HPM has teamed up with Banterra Bank to provide our customers with a 60 month, low interest rate (4.9%) simple loan program that will be in effective for remainder of 2018. This financing can be used on the sale machines along with the additional 30+ machines that we currently have in inventory from 65-1650 tons at our Ohio facility. So, if you would like to get a great deal on a great product and to take advantage of your Section 179 tax deduction now is the time.

Yizumi-HPM End of Year 2018 Stock Sale

Yizumi-HPM-Bantarra 60m – 4.9% Finance Package End Date Dec 31, 2018

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