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12 & 19 lb Capacity

Tired of changing brushes, constantly cleaning loader filters and having load failures because of pellets getting stuck between the throat and the flapper valve? The GSL Series Loader solves all of these plastics conveying problems and more! Plus, brushless loader motors last 4 to 5 times as long as motors with brushes!

  • The GSL is now available in an optional 2" Inlet size for convenient plastics conveying. Improves regrind flow and lowers velocity to reduce abrasion.
  • Full 5-Year Warranty
  • Double Pivot Access
  • Full-featured, Plug-In Control With Pendant Is Standard
  • Patented Design (Patent # 8,753,432)
  • SureSeal Flapper Valve Avoids Loading Failures
  • Trade-In an Old Competitor's Loader for Our Exclusive GSL Loader and receive a $200 Trade-Up Credit!
  • Conveying rate up to 1000 lb./hr.
  • 115V/1ph/50-60 Hz operation
  • Standard mounting pattern and adapter ring allows GSL to replace any NOVATEC loader as well as competitive models
  • 15 ft. (4.6m) length of flex hose, pickup wand and hose clamps
  • Dual reinforced polyester disc filter media
  • All material contact points are non-ferrous
  • Dump Valve with integrated demand level switch on standard models

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