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As most of you know, we recently made the decision to change the machine line that we represent. We made the choice to move to HPM North America because we felt their combination of price, quality, and service represents a better value to our customers.

HPM’s financial issues over the past few years have been no secret.  However, under new leadership, HPM is taking great strides in revitalizing its’ reputation. Their road to once again becoming a viable company began in 2011 when they were purchased by a Chinese manufacturer of molding machines Yizumi. Yizumi is the second leading manufacturer of molding machines in China and currently produces 3,500 molding machines a year from 60-3500 tons at an exceptional price.

We have visited the HPM Marion, OH facility and talked with satisfied customers who are very pleased with the quality and reliability of HPM’s servo hydraulic general purpose molding machines. The machines are using quality off the shelf components from Yukin, Rexroth, Allen Bradley, Fuji, Eurotherm, Novatech, etc. Machines are stocked and shipped from Marion, where they fitted with a Eurotherm controller and run off prior to delivery. As excited as we are about HPM’s current servo hydraulic machines, we can hardly wait for their next generation electric machines which will be incorporating technologies from their recent purchase of Japanese manufacturer Kawaguchi.

Making the decision to change lines is never an easy decision. The deciding factor was Parts and Support. Almost all of the injection machines are produced overseas and the costs associated with setting up a parts inventory and support in the U.S. can be tremendous, especially if you are an importer or trading company. HPM North America, is a division of Yizumi’s and not an importer or a trading company. They made a wise decision to purchase of BIVOUAC Engineering rather than starting the operation from scratch. BIVOUAC, was made up of knowledgeable plastic veterans whose business was to provided service, upgrades, and parts for HPM’s legacy equipment. HPM North America will continue to provide these services and has been given the necessary resources to conduct sales and support of new equipment.

If you would like to learn more about the New HPM you can click the following link or contact Andrew or myself.

To find out more about HPM, check out their website or contact:

George Goldman at 636-544-5919 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 
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